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Baby Jessica: 20 Years Later

By Ariana R. Cherry CLOUT INDEX
Published Jun 12, 2007
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Do you remember baby Jessica? America spent hours with her back in 1987 watching the television news, as we hoped that the poor baby would make it out of the well. She was trapped in the well for almost 2 days. Firemen pumped heat and air down through the well just so she could survive and stay warm. Her story touched lives across the United States, and that event has been one of the biggest news stories to go down in history.

Being the young person that I am, I remember only being 7 during her rescue. I was a young child myself, thinking how scared I would be if that was me. My parents let me stay up late that night I think, just to see if the baby would be rescued. And the next morning, I found myself turning on the tv. That was the first time, that being a child, that I was interested in the news.

Now, almost 20 years later, Jessica has done her first interview. She now is 21 years old with her own son, whom she is very protective of. NBC Today was the news station that got to conduct her first interview. Jessica was unaware that anything had every happened to her until she had hit the age of 5. One evening, watching one of CBS's shows, "Rescue 911," Jessica saw an episode about a little girl trapped in a well. She was so moved by this mission that it brought tears to her eyes. After it was over, she questioned her parents about the little girl, and they had told her that it was indeed, a story about her.

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      Baby Jessica Rescue
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      Comments - 3 total

      Tashia Heath: You know I was only 5 years old when this happened and I remember it like it was yesterday. Weird how some things stick in your head?

      QUICHE: thanks for the article. I wondered what she was doing now.

      Annette Robbins: I remember well the news story and how my family and I prayed for her safe recovery. Thanks for the update and we wish her and her family much happiness.
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