Recently some asshole placed a picture of what he claimed to be Baby Jessica all grown up on several discussion web sites and it was all a big fake. Even the name was pointed out to be incorrect!
I knew it was fake and anyone with any commen sense would realize that it was all bull shit.
But someone else trying to dispute this hoax placed a link to this web site where it used to house the Baby Jessica Rescue Web pages.
The ensuing web traffic overloaded the bandwidth (which costs me out of my pocket) of this web site and caused it to shut down. I have since got it reopened but it is now minus the Baby Jessica Rescue Web pages. Now they are all deleted and may not ever return.
See the ignorant actions of one person can have far reaching effects and destroy other things. Now no one will be able to see this site anymore.
This was one of the most viewed web pages within CAVERNET!
So its gone and I am not being slammed with un-necessary bandwidth usage thats was costing me.