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The words Steakfinger Headquarters are painted in blue letters on the side of the little white building with the carport out front at 106 East Broadway (432-523-2840). And that's no lie.

Eating steak fingers at Buddy's is a religious experience, though not a weight loss program. The order is enormous, and it costs just $4.95. The pile of tender, tasty steak fingers probably stands half a foot high. Steak fingers, in case you didn't know, are breaded strips of beef.

I should also mention that the steak fingers come with a bowl of creamy gravy for dipping. Very few people can finish an order all by themselves, said Marion Chapman, a waitress here for twenty- five years, so many people share.

"This one man , he had never ordered steak fingers. 'Oh ma'am, I didn't know you were going to bring the last supper.' "

Buddy's has been around since 1969. Yes there is a Buddy, though he doesn't run the place. The owners are Minnie Coleman and Floy Robertson. Buddy is Minnie's husband.

"We just decided to name it after him," Floy said. "We thrashed that around for about a month. Finally, we came up with his name."

When someone dies in Andrews, Buddy's sends the grieving family large roasting pans of steak fingers to help them through their loss. "And the gravy that goes with it," Floy said. "That's better than flowers. That's all we can give."

Imitation being the purest form of flattery, Buddy's name has popped up in other places. "There are some places in Houston that have signs that say they have steak fingers like Buddy's in Andrews, Texas," Floy said.

"There's a restaurant in New York that has the same thing inside. A guy from Odessa said he and his wife were visiting in downtown New York, and the first thing they saw was a sign that said they had steak fingers like Andrews, Texas." Maybe so, but a pile of steak fingers like they serve at Buddy's would cost you about $99 in New York City.

Thu, 17 Jul 2003
Hi, I am Bonnie at Buddy`s and I would like to find out why you did this webpage and when? Floy and Minnie have both passed away and Buddy and myself are now running Buddys. Thanks, Bonnie
Thu, 17 Jul 2003
Hi Bill....... We like it on your web site, but, we just did not know why or who..lol The next time you are in this area, stop in so we can meet you. Just in case you want to know we are going to be on the Texas Country Reporter sometime in the fall...Thanks for the good write up on Mother and Minnie........Bonnie
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They opened the other day, and my wife and I went there for supper tonight. The inside is pretty much the same, just a bit brighter.
We of course ordered the Steak Fingers. I am wondering if it is possible that they taste even better than before. Serving size was the
same as usual, but I think they went up on the price like a buck or so. Oh, and they seemed to have worked on the AC also,
it was very nice in there, not hot and muggy like before. This nobody gives it a great rating.

Cody Whelchel
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I lived in Andrews, Texas from 1982-1986 and enjoyed eating at Buddy's! Hate to tell you, but I could eat a whole order with double gravy. What would be the chances of getting the recipe and opening a Buddy's in Yankee Land (Indiana)?
While living in Andrews, my wife worked at a meat place that tenderized the round steak used for the fingers.
Great to see the website and that a great landmark in Andrews, Texas is still alive.
Paul Collins

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